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Skittles soy candle collection

Skittles soy candle collection

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Get ready to taste the rainbow (with your nose) with our Skittles candle collection - the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. We love Skittles mixes (we admit, we're sugar addicts) and these candles are no exception! Our candy candles are custom mixes that burn strong and long with an incredible hot throw.

With 50 hours of clean burn in each candle (100 hours total!), you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the sweet scents of our Tropical Zkittles and Bubblegum Zkittles candles.

Our Tropical Zkittles candle is a delicious blend of ripe peach, strawberry, mango, and candy - the perfect way to bring some tropical vibes to your space. And our Bubblegum Zkittles candle is a delightful mix of bubblegum, raspberry, lemon, and candy - the perfect way to add some nostalgia to your candle collection.

This Duo contains

Tropical Zkittles- ripe peach, strawberry, mango, candy

Bubblegum Zkittles- bubblegum, raspberry, lemon, candy

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