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White Widow air refresher

White Widow air refresher

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White Widow Air Refresher - a room spray that'll take you on a sensory journey with its sick blend of white birch, vanilla, and warm sandalwood scents. This air refresher is like a magic wand that'll instantly freshen up any space, leaving behind a comforting and inviting aroma that'll make you feel like you're in a warm and cozy cocoon.

Whether you're hosting a rager or just chillin' on a friday night, the White Widow Air Refresher is the perfect addition to your collection. Made with premium ingredients, it's safe to use around pets and kids, so you can spray to your heart's content. So, go ahead and elevate your home fragrance game with our White Widow Air Refresher today. Trust us, your nose will thank you for it!

About this Fragrancewhite birch, vanilla, warm sandalwood.

4oz by volume, shake lightly before use

    • Long Lasting
    • Pet Safe
    • Alcohol Free
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