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Green Crack soy candle

Green Crack soy candle

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Green Crack -the sweetest addiction you'll ever have (and no, we're not talking about the illegal kind). With a blend of green apple, ozony cucumber and elderberries, this candle smells just like a green jolly rancher, but somehow better.

It's like the candy gods took a regular jolly rancher and sprinkled some magic fairy dust on it. And the best part? You won't even get a sugar rush (or a cavity) from this candle. 

Fragrance notes: green apple, ozony cucumber and elderberries

7oz single wick- 50 hours of clean burn

12oz two wick- 80 hours of clean burn

Green Crack soy wax candles burn clean and provide a long-lasting scent. Made from 100% soy wax, it produces no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants. Enjoy up to 75% more burn time than paraffin candles.

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