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Caramel Macchiato soy candle

Caramel Macchiato soy candle

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What it smells like: Indulge in the ultimate coffee shop experience with our Caramel Macchiato candle. With notes of caramel syrup, vanilla bean, and whipped cream, this candle is like a trip to your favorite café. It's like having a personal barista in your home, but without the awkward small talk and the risk of getting your name spelled wrong on the cup. 

Prominent Scent Notes:

Caramel Syrup, Vanilla Bean and Whipped Cream

Blaze It soy wax candles burn clean and provide a long-lasting scent. Made from 100% soy wax, they produce no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants and have twice the burn of a standard paraffin candle. Our premium wicks prevent excess smoking and sooting, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. Each candle is hand poured in Colorado

Our dedication to top-notch quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you'll love every minute of your candle journey. So why settle for anything less than amazing, when you can have the best? Give Blaze It Candle Co a try, and let us surprise you with the joy of sniffing!

Single Wick- 9oz/7oz by volume - 50 hour burn time

Double Wick- 16oz/12oz by volume- 80 hour burn time

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