Why Candles?

Why Candles?

In 2020 we were laid off from our corporate jobs like everyone else, made an impulse decision to take a trip to Disney and overspend to cure the pain, made another impulse decision to move to Colorado because we desperately wanted a fresh start and ended the year on the impulse decision to start Blaze It. Why? Because it felt right. All of those decisions felt right (spoiler alert: they were)

We had been living in Colorado for a month or so, watching Shark Tank constantly.. I guess because the reality of finding new boring corporate jobs felt insane to us and just not where we wanted to be. My husband looked at me and said candles? I was like uh candles? What? And he said yeah candles. Candles quickly spiraled into themed candles and that was that. Less than 2 weeks later we had tested and launched the OG three.. Granddaddy Purp, Strawberry Cough and Pineapple Express. We sold out in a few weeks and realized maybe we had something.. within three months we were selling out in less than an hour.  We have caught up to demand since then and remain stocked most of the time, but this continues to be a dream business for us.

Since that day this has been our focus. We took the thing we loved (weed duh) and made it functional and a part of our every day in a good way. We’ve always made a point to make weed fun and light and include the munchies and candy scents to include everyone even our non stoner friends. Even kids love our lip balms and fun products and we’ve recently rebranded and removed the weed leaf to make them friendly for everyone.

With 5 dogs, we used a lot of big brand room sprays that just never quite did what we wanted. No matter what you used you smelled dog.  We quickly expanded into room sprays and hand soap because those were everyday items we felt we could improve. Room sprays have become a customer favorite and we’re so happy to have that presence in so many of your homes. I’m always shocked when someone new comes into our home and says it smells good, I laugh bc how can you not smell a single dog?! But they can’t, and we love that.

Lip balms and skincare came a year or so in because of my cosmetics background and we couldn’t be happier with the way they’ve gone.

Blaze It continues to be about giving you clean products with a twist. Non toxic doesn’t have to be boring and we will keep proving that with every new release

This brand has improved our lives and we hope to continue to improve yours. We’ve shipped over 7000 orders in less than 3 years and continue to grow.

Thank you for believing in us, Cheers to another 4/20 weekend

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